Semester 1: Christology
This entry-level course is divided into three segments. First, we address the important question of Who Is Jesus? Here we discuss the work that was accomplished on the cross, the power of the Resurrection, and the healing miracle ministry of Jesus. Second, we move on to the practical application of ministry by drawing attention to some of the standard methods of preaching a message, the importance of developing the fruit of the spirit through our character, and moving into leadership roles within a church. Third, we describe the preaching and teaching ministry of Jesus. This segment is designed to prepare you for preparation of your individual sermon to be presented to the class (sermonette).

Semester 2: The Church – Ministry Gifts & Leadership
This course is designed for those who want to go deeper in their Christian faith through active involvement in ministry. It teaches and trains ministers of the gospel in understanding the historical development and spiritual goals met by the Church. The readings emphasize the ministry gifts, which includes the five-fold leadership ministry gifts as well as the wide range of spiritual gifts described in the Old and New Testaments. There is much emphasis on the topic of ethics in leadership since the focus is on building healthy relationships. The primary goal is to empower the student to move into dynamic discipleship and power evangelism.

Semester 3: Prayer, Praise & Worship
This course builds on OSM1 and OSM2 and is designed around the broad topics of prayer, praise and worship with the goal of establishing the link between these areas for the Christian believer. Students will learn the power of prayer, how to pray for self and others, and how to lead prayer in a life group session. Praise and worship are described as weapons of warfare to be used in peaceful times and in times of turmoil (when you feel you are at war with the enemy). You will be equipped with knowledge about the weapons of prayer, praise & worship and given personal training on how and when to use them.

Semester 4: Signs & Wonders