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Join Pastor Kim on a MISSIONS TRIP in 2020. See firsthand the needs of the people and how mightily God moves on their behalf! Experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a new way. Sign up to be the first to receive trip details and the ability to reserve your spot.


San Pedro Sula Honduras — March 2-9, 2020

Honduras is a nation located in Central America. In this nation, high levels of poverty and inequality exist, creating a great divide between those who have and those who have not. Many workers make less than $2 per day! The price of food and water is often too high for the general population, thus making malnutrition and illness commonplace. Add to this the regular heavy rainfalls, droughts, recent natural disasters, and AIDS epidemic, and it’s no surprise that nearly 300,000 children have found themselves orphaned and in need of care. This nation needs a special touch from God, a hope and a help only He can give! Join Pastor Kim in bringing this Hope through the message of Jesus and demonstration of gifts of the Holy Spirit in March!

Total cost for 7 days – $1,220 for hotel (4 star Hilton Princess Hotel – based upon double occupancy) with breakfast, transportation and powerful ministry each day!

**flights, meals are additional costs

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Saint Martin, Carribean — April 2-6, 2020

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Kasese, Uganda & Kampala, Uganda April 21st-28th, 2020

Uganda is a nation located in the interior of Africa. Known as the largest refugee hosting nation in Africa and the third largest in the world, Uganda’s refugee population has almost tripled since 2016! An average of 25% of all residents live below the poverty line, and 33% of the children under 5 years of age have stunted growth due to malnutrition. Inhabitants of the northern region suffer the worst, with 33% living in abject poverty and food instability. Because of the nation’s reliance on rain-fed agriculture, regional instability, and continued arrival of new refugees, conditions remain dire. They need Jesus. They need the power of the Holy Ghost to change circumstances and lives! You have the opportunity to be a carrier of the Spirit, along with Pastor Kim, to this nation in need. Will you go?

Total cost for 9 days – $1,558 for hotel (based upon double occupancy) with breakfast, transportation and powerful ministry each day!

**flights, meals are additional

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Magwagwa, Kenya July 20th-27th, 2020

The nation of Kenya is located on the eastern coast of Africa, adjacent to the Indian Ocean. In this nation, approximately 18.5 million people live well below the poverty line. Access to basic amenities like clean water, sanitation, healthcare and a primary education are considered luxuries. Having enough food to last the day is a privilege! Due to a severe drought a few years ago and current economic and political conditions, food is scarce and expensive, and malnutrition and disease run rampant. In fact, malnutrition is the number one cause of death of children under 5 years old! At this time, Kenya is home to roughly a half a million Somalian and South Sudanese refugees. With the increase of people groups, food instability, and social violence, there are now over 3 million children classified as orphans. Of that number, 47% were orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. We are believing that God has better days ahead for Kenya! Go with Pastor Kim to Kenya in July and be a witness to the refreshing of weary souls and the miraculous saving and healing power that comes with faith in God!

Total cost for 7 days – $1,440 for hotel (based upon double occupancy) with breakfast, transportation and powerful ministry each day!

**flights, meals are additional

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CARIBBEAN — November/December 2020

The Caribbean Islands is a collection of 13 island nations located in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to its geography, it is an area extremely vulnerable to natural disasters and changes in climate. It is not uncommon for an island or islands to be seriously affected by the annual hurricane season. Because these nations rely heavily on tourism and agriculture, and because they are dependent upon imports for food and goods, any extreme change in weather will create difficulties for families on a day-to-day basis. In fact, 1 out of every 5 families lives with chronic poverty, their children serious affected by malnutrition and parents unable to gain better jobs. HIV takes the life of a parent every 5 seconds, and the number of orphans needing care is on the rise. The inhabitants of these islands need the chains to be broken off them. No more generational curses of poverty and violence! No more illness and disease stealing parents from children! Join Pastor Kim in releasing the blessings of household salvation, healing and the impartation of the Holy Spirit in the Caribbean. There’s room for you to make a difference!

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