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CARIBBEAN — November/December 2020

The Caribbean Islands is a collection of 13 island nations located in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to its geography, it is an area extremely vulnerable to natural disasters and changes in climate. It is not uncommon for an island or islands to be seriously affected by the annual hurricane season. Because these nations rely heavily on tourism and agriculture, and because they are dependent upon imports for food and goods, any extreme change in weather will create difficulties for families on a day-to-day basis. In fact, 1 out of every 5 families lives with chronic poverty, their children serious affected by malnutrition and parents unable to gain better jobs. HIV takes the life of a parent every 5 seconds, and the number of orphans needing care is on the rise. The inhabitants of these islands need the chains to be broken off them. No more generational curses of poverty and violence! No more illness and disease stealing parents from children! Join Pastor Kim in releasing the blessings of household salvation, healing and the impartation of the Holy Spirit in the Caribbean. There’s room for you to make a difference!

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