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How to Receive The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Everything we receive is from God and is to be found in the Word. When we read the Word, we discover the simple pattern of how to receive.

  1. It must be based on a promise. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is promised in both Joel 2:28 and in Acts 2:16-17. Therefore, the initial evidence of worshiping in tongues was in part prophesying and in part universal evidence of the baptism.
  1. We are to ask for it. According to Luke 11:9-13, we must be children of God, born again, to receive from Him. As such, when we ask our Father, we’ll receive what we ask for. If we ask for the Holy Spirit, we will receive it. We must ask for the Holy Spirit’s baptismal power and for His daily infilling.
  1. Believe that as we ask, we receive. John 7:37-39 tells us that as we believe on Christ in accordance with Scripture, we will have an overflow of what we ask for.
  1. Simply receive. Notice that in Acts 2:4 they simply received the baptism and spoke in tongues. When we receive, the Holy Spirit will give us utterance, but we will do the speaking. We will give praise from the inspiration and equipping of the Holy Spirit. We are just to believe that we receive (Mark 11:24). We must speak in order to receive a miracle from God. We must believe and begin to speak. Faith is an act!

My friend, I desire you to experience that same indwelling of the Spirit that the believers received on Pentecost. Won’t you pray the following prayer aloud with me? Before you do, get ready to do this:

After we pray, lift your voice in a shout of praise. As you do, don’t say English or Spanish words or any other language you may know. Don’t speak from your mind; get ready to speak from your inmost being a praise to God that comes out in the form of words from the Spirit. When we finish praying, release your faith and speak in tongues as the Spirit gives you utterance. Believe and receive!

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you that I am a child of God by the blood of Jesus. I have repented of my sins and I am Yours. Lord, I ask you to baptize me with the Holy Ghost, that I may speak in tongues as the Spirit gives me utterance. I believe and I receive.