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The Virginia “Mom” Norris Orphanage

Friends, I am asking you to partner with me through your prayers and your financial support to build the Virginia “Mom” Norris orphanage, which will provide for the needs of orphaned children, both spiritually and physically.  We need $50,000 to build and furnish the orphanage, and to provide food and staff. We are believing God for a miracle here: for 50 brothers and sisters to each donate a one-time gift of $1000 toward the cost of this orphanage. We know that’s a lot, but we also know that God can and does move upon the hearts of His people to give sacrificially. Will you be one of those? If you cannot, perhaps you would want to sponsor one of the children at $365 per year to be trained up in the Gospel, given an education, and cared for. That amounts to $1 per day, Friends!  Could you put aside a dollar a day to help one of these precious children with food, clothing and a godly education?

This undertaking is a huge one, but we know this is the direction the Lord is leading us…and we must follow. So many little children roam the streets in Kenya, hungry, homeless, with no one to love them or care for them. This, quite frankly, breaks our hearts. No child should go without love & nurturing. Our orphanage will enable children to be properly cared-for, schooled academically and spiritually, as well. Who knows, but the next great African evangelist may be among those little orphans…Or the next great doctor or leader or teacher.

Will you help us? Please pray and see what the Lord would have you do. And thank you for your prayers and your partnership!