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Let’s Reach Kenya Together

How would you like to be a part of KNMI’s June crusade in Kenya? Now, don’t worry: I’m not asking you to board a plane and fly across the ocean. I’m referring to your participation through your prayers and your partnership. Crusades are costly, as I’m sure ...

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Our Very First Orphanage in Kenya, Africa

This summer KNMI will open the doors of our very first orphanage in Kenya, Africa. By God’s grace, I believe we have located a facility in the city of Nairobi. Let me tell you what a miracle this is: We were planning to go to a very rural area of Kenya where land is more...

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Seeing Souls Saved and Added to the Kingdom

2016 is definitely starting out to be a tremendous year of opportunity and growth for us here at KNMI. As you may know, we are preparing for more crusades abroad to bring the Word of God to the masses and see souls saved and added to the Kingdom. On June 12-21, we will be holding...

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